Western Maryland Rail Trail (Maryland)
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The Western Maryland Rail Trail runs from Big Pool through
Hancock and currently ends at Polly Pond. It is about 20
miles long and is paved. There are plans to extend it another
2.5 miles to Pearre, Maryland. The trail mostly parallels the
C&O Canal Towpath  and Potomac River. It also runs next
to I-70 for several miles between Big Pool and Hancock.

The eastern section, from Big Pool to Hancock, passes by
many historical sites and scenic areas including; Millstone and
Moffet Station, Little Pool,  Hancock Station and Park Head
Cemetery. The Western section from Hancock to Polly Pond,
mainly passes through wooded areas with rock outcroppings.

To reach the eastern end of the Western Maryland Rail Trail,
take exit 12, MD 56, from I-70. Turn east and go to Big
Pool. The trail parking lot is across the street from the Post
Office. To find the trail in Hancock, take exit 3 from I-70 into
Hancock. Travel west on MD 144 for 1.4 miles. There is
parking at Hancock Station, just off Main Street.

Western Maryland Rail Trail Info:
Western Maryland Rail Trail 301/842-2155
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