Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail  (Utah)
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The Historic Union Pacific Trail includes Bed & Breakfasts, Motels, Hotels, Campgrounds, Bicycle Rentals.
The Union Pacific Rail Trail follows the route of the Union
Pacific from the town of Park City to Echo reservoir. The
trail is 28 miles long, and has five access points. The trailway
runs through the Wasatch Mountains by Park City, wetlands
in Silver Creek Canyon, and along the Weber River by Echo
reservoir. The Park City to Echo Reservoir direction is more
downhill, and so, is the preferred route of most people who
are just riding or walking one way.  The trail is asphalt for
about 1 mile out of Park City, and crushed rock the rest of
the way.

Historic Union Pacific Trail Information:
Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park 435/649-6839


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