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Willard Munger State Trail  (Minnesota)
    The Willard Munger Trail  runs from Hinckley to Duluth, and at 70 miles in length, is one of the longest paved trails in the US. The section that runs from Carlton to Duluth is considered the most scenic, as it crosses the St Louis River, runs through Jay Cooke State Park, and sometimes hugs the edge of the rocky bluffs above Duluth. There is only a slight grade between Carlton and Duluth, so climbing out of Duluth towards Carlton is just slightly more difficult than riding on the flat. But, it's a long climb. The 4 miles between Finlayson & Rutledge are the most difficult as there are several small but steep hills.
Willard Munger Trail Information:
Moose Lake Area Trails & Waterways 218/485-5410
Willard Munger Trail Links:
Munger Trail
DNR Munger Trail
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3 wheeler south of Finlayson
Trail view between 
Carlton & Duluth
       Anita &  Joe from St. Paul
    2 mi north of Finlayson
mn_munger_pic14.jpg (45257 bytes) mn_munger_pic10.jpg (37990 bytes) mn_munger_pic15.jpg (52341 bytes)
On the trail south of  Duluth Passing through bluffs South of  Duluth On trail 3 mi north of  Hinckley
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