Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail  (Vermont)
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The Missisquoi Valley Trail includes Bed & Breakfasts, Motels, Campgrounds, Bicycle Rentals.
St. Albans
Bed and Breakfast
Hotels and Motels
Bicycle Rentals
Greens Corner Legend
     food       parking
       phone    restroom
Sheldon Springs Sheldon Junction North Sheldon
Enosburg Falls
Bed and Breakfast
Hotels and Motels
North Enosburg East Berkshire
Hotels and Motels


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Mileage Chart

The Missisquoi Valley Trail is 26.4 miles long, 10 feet wide,
and runs from St. Albans to Richford. There is a 1/4 mile
on-road detour at Sheldon Junction. The steepest grade is
3%. There is farmland from St. Albans to Greens Corners.
Wetlands, pines, and residential areas run from Greens Cor-
ners to Sheldon Springs. The remainder of the trail parallels
the Missisquoi River, with scenic views of river rapids and

Missisquoi Valley Trail Information:
Northwest Vermont Rail Trail Council 802/524-5958

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