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Little Miami Scenic Trail  (Ohio)
     Four major rail-trail sections converge at the bicycle trail head and parking area in Xenia, Ohio.

  The Little Miami Scenic Trail and Simon Kenton Trail have been completed from the Little Miami Golf Center (Newton) in the south, to Urbana at the northern end for a total of about 85 miles. This north-south trail connection is one of the longest paved trails in the US.  In the area near Xenia, most of the trail is 10 feet wide and in excellent condition.  The State Park section of the trail, from south of Xenia to the Little Miami Golf Center, is 8 feet wide.  The State Park section includes some older pavement with bumps and cracks, but is overall in good-to-excellent shape.  The Yellow Springs to Springfield section is also 8 foot wide.  The xenia to Yellow Springs section is the most widely used part of the trail.  The majority of the trail from Xenia to the south runs along the Little Miami River and is often heavily wooded, while the northern Simon Kenton route is often adjacent to open farmland.

  The Xenia to Dayton/Eastwood Park section of the Ohio to Erie Trail is about 18 miles in length.  The river-corridor bikeway in downtown Dayton has been closed for 2008 due to highway and bridge construction.

  The Xenia to London section of the Ohio to Erie Trail is about 29 miles in length.  The trail is paved and 12 feet wide.  East of London, afer riding approx. 1 mile through the bike-designated city streets, an additional 7 miles of paved trail is available.

  When completed to Lake Erie, the Ohio to Erie Trail will be 325 miles long.


Little Miami Scenic Information:
Little Miami Scenic State Park 513/897-3055
Greene County Parks 937/376-7440
Springfield Parks and Recreation 513/324-7348
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