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Omaha Trail (Wisconsin)

 From Elroy, the Omaha Trail runs north for 13 miles to Camp Douglas. This trail is paved, and has one tunnel, which is 300 feet long.  The trail also passes spectacular rock outcroppings that are not found anywhere else in Wisconsin or in most of the Midwest. Beginning at the northern end in Camp Douglas, the trail will take you past farms and though pastures for 4 miles before reaching the small town of Hustler. This small village has a public park right near the trail that provides a great spot to rest. There is at least one bar and a bowling alley that serve food in Hustler. Leaving Hustler the trail gently rises through scenic bluffs.  At the halfway point, you will reach the entrance to the 300-foot-long tunnel. This historic railroad tunnel is one of the highlights of this trip. A small park just before the tunnel's entrance provides restrooms and water. Contrary to the placement of the tunnel on most maps, it is actually 3 mi from Hustler to the tunnel. Upon exiting the tunnel, it is all downhill to the town of Elroy. The final 7 miles pass through sections of dense forest and past scenic Wisconsin farms.  Northwest of Camp Douglas is Mill Bluff State Park, which is known for its towering sandstone bluffs.

.The Omaha Trail is part of a 100+ mile linking trail system. 

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                   400 State Trail

Omaha Trail Information:
Elroy Commons Tourist Information 608/462-2400
Omaha Trail 608/847-9389
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